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Donald Dewar


Secretary of State for Scotland and Labour MP for Glasgow Anniesland.

While there may be question marks over the devolutionary fervour of some in the upper ranks of the Labour Party, very few would query Donald Dewar's attachment to the cause. He supported devolved self-government for Scotland BEFORE it was a Labour mantra. Donald Dewar is respected by colleagues and rivals alike for his dedication and self-deprecating humour.

Donald Dewar was born in 1937 in Glasgow and educated at Glasgow Academy and Glasgow University. A Glasgow lawyer, he contested the seat of Aberdeen South in 1964. He was successful on his second attempt on the seat and held it from 1966-70. In 1978 he was elected MP for Glasgow Garscadden which he held until May 1. The seat was renamed Glasgow Anniesland after the amalgamation of Glasgow Garscadden and Glasgow Hillhead and Dewar holds the new seat with a majority of 15,000.

He was Shadow Scottish Secretary from 1983-92 and Shadow Social Security Secretary from 1992-95. He then became Opposition Chief Whip, a position he retained until he was appointed Scottish Secretary following Labour's election victory in May.

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