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Peter Snow And His Amazing Graphics

The first question asked whether the people of Scotland wanted a Scottish parliament or not.
The First Question

The Second Question asked whether the people of Scotland wanted a parliament to have the right to raise or lower taxation.
The Second Question

When the number of votes passed the 1,197,000 point then Peter opened the safe. This means that the Scottish parliament will now have the power to raise or lower the rate of taxation by 3 pence, which amounts to 450 million.
Peter Reveals The Loot

Despite the Conservative oppostion to a Scottish Parliament, the proportional representation voting system could be the key to a Tory revival in Scotland, giving them a higher proportion of the seats in the Edinburgh Parliament than Scottish seats at Westminster. However, they still have a mountain to climb before they could win a majority of seats in the devolved parliament.
The Conservatives' viritual Ben Nevis

The 1979 Referendum saw an actual Yes majority in Scotland but it did not clear the 40% hurdle needed for a devolved parliament to become a reality.
The 1979 Referendum Result

The Yes vote of 1979 accounted for 32.9% of the electorate. In 1997 it was 44.7%.
1979 compared with 1997

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