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16th September 1997

wright Canon Kenyon Wright For Scottish Parliament
The Chairman of the Scottish Constitutional Convention, Canon Kenyon Wright, has declared he intends to run for the Scottish Parliament. Rumours also link him to the position of Chancellor of the new assembly.

15th September 1997
First Case For Scottish Parliament
John Smith Honoured

13th September 1997
Islands Call For Further Devolution

12th September 1997
YES Scotland Decides
The Night in Graphics
Blair Congratulates Scots
Political Reaction
Press Reaction
Italian Separatists Hail Scottish Devolution

11th September 1997
Scotland Goes To The Polls On Devolution

10th September 1997
The Final Day's Campaigning
Campaigns Prepare For Last Push As Polls Suggest Yes-Yes

9th September 1997
Hague Hits The Campaign Trail

8th September 1997
Tax Continues To Dominate Devolution Debate
Wallace Proposes Further Devolution For The Islands

7th September 1997
Referendum Camapign Resumes

2nd September 1997
Poll Suggests Gap Is Narrowing

1st September 1997
Devolution Campaign On Hold Until After Diana's Funeral

31st August 1997
Referendum Campaign Is Suspended As A Mark Of Respect

30th August 1997
Major Speaks Out Against Devolution
Dewar Accused of Purge
Declaration Times Announced

29th August 1997
Tax Debate Continues
Christie Attacks Business Leaders

28th August 1997
Business Doubts On Devolution
Ancram Raises The Temperature
Ashdown's Scottish Trip

27th August 1997
Tam Dalyell To Debate Dewar
Devolution Debate Moves North

26th August 1997
Dewar Calms Business Fears

25th August 1997
Farmers say No, but Nurses say Yes
Connery says Yes Yes Yes

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