Vote 2011

Northern Ireland council elections


Cookstown Council results

Party Seats Seats+/- Votes% +/-%
Sinn Fein 6 1 39.1 +5.6
Social Democratic & Labour Party 4 -1 18 +0.7
Democratic Unionist Party 3 0 18.1 -4.4
Ulster Unionist Party 3 0 16.9 -2.6
Traditional Unionist Voice 0 0 7.4 +7.4

Cookstown Councillors results

Candidate Party Votes* Status
Pearse McAleer SF 1,713 Elected
Samuel McCartney DUP 1,246 Elected
John McNamee SF 986 Elected
Sean Clarke SF 970 Elected
Samuel Glasgow UUP 962 Elected
Trevor Wilson UUP 909 Elected
Maureen Lees DUP 850 Elected
Michael McIvor SF 820 Elected
Robert Kelly UUP 779 Elected
Deirdre Mayo SDLP 775 Elected
CathAl Mallaghan SF 739 Elected
Ian McCrea DUP 738 Elected
Christine McFlynn SDLP 654 Elected
Tony Quinn SDLP 623 Elected
James McGarvey SDLP 565 Elected
Oliver Molloy SF 535
Walter Millar TUV 461
Samuel Parke TUV 444
McElhone CiarAn SF 372 Elected
Hannah Loughrin TUV 254
Peter Cassidy SDLP 212
Michael McDonald AP 92
* - first preference votes

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