Secondary school league tables in Bristol

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What does this mean? School name What does this mean? Five good GCSEs or equivalents (%) What does this mean? English Bacc (%) What does this mean? Value Added What does this mean? A/AS-level points per pupil
Andalusia Academy Bristol (IND) 25 0 NA NA
Ashton Park School 43 10 973.6 671.8
Badminton School (IND) 98 51 NA 1027.3
Bedminster Down School 40 4 995.2 NA
Bridge Learning Campus (AC) NA NA NA NA
Bridge Learning Campus - Secondary (SHUT) 45 0 979.5 NA
Brislington Enterprise College 37 1 966.2 NA
Bristol Brunel Academy (AC) 45 8 1012.1 555.3
Bristol Cathedral Choir School (AC) 81 25 1005.3 682.8
Bristol Free School NA NA NA NA
Bristol Grammar School (IND) 100 86 NA 922.2
Bristol Metropolitan Academy (AC) 34 4 1016.2 482.9
Bristol Steiner School (IND) 33 0 NA NA
The City Academy Bristol (AC) 40 2 1011.2 572.8
City of Bristol College NA NA NA 639.5
Clifton College (IND) 97 62 NA 884.3
Clifton High School (IND) 80 54 NA 799.9
Colston's Girls' School (AC) 84 57 1017.2 753.2
Colston's School (IND) 79 44 NA 809.3
Cotham School 56 18 1012.9 823.5
Fairfield High School 52 11 1031.4 NA
Henbury School 52 5 988.3 NA
Include Bristol (IND) 0 0 NA NA
Merchants' Academy (AC) 40 2 1008.4 425.3
North Bristol Post 16 Centre NA NA NA 806.6
Oasis Academy Brightstowe (AC) 62 1 1005.8 NA
Oasis Academy John Williams (AC) 49 0 1009.4 562.5
Orchard School (SHUT) 38 1 1010.1 NA
Orchard School Bristol (AC) NA NA NA NA
Queen Elizabeth's Hospital (IND) 100 46 NA 922.8
The Red Maids' School (IND) 99 80 NA 934.1
Redland Green 84 56 1024 788.4
Redland High School for Girls (IND) 100 80 NA 831.6
St Bede's Catholic College 71 25 1010.3 NA
St Bernadette Catholic Secondary School 63 9 982.5 NA
St Brendan's Sixth Form College NA NA NA 709.9
St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School 68 16 997.6 836.2
What do the table headers mean?
School name
Click to visit the Department for Education's information and performance data for the school
The percentage of pupils getting grades A*-C in five GCSE - or equivalent qualifications - including maths and English
% English Bacc
The percentage of pupils getting A*-C GCSE passes in maths, English, two science subjects, a language and either history or geography.
Five GCSEs only
The percentage of pupils getting grades A*-C in five GCSE qualifications only, including maths and English GCSE
Value added
A statistical measure of how well pupils are helped to progress from their starting point. A score above 1,000 is better than the national average
A/AS points
The average number of points netted per pupil at the institution taking AS/A-level or equivalent qualifications
% getting three A-levels
The percentage of pupils getting three A-levels or equivalent qualifications

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