Secondary schools and colleges in Kirklees

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% of pupils achieving 5 A*-C GCSEs including maths and English

YearNational averageLocal average

Average point score per pupil at A/AS-level and equivalents

YearNational averageLocal average

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What does this mean? School name What does this mean? % 5 A*-C GCSEs What does this mean? English Bacc What does this mean? CVA What does this mean? A/AS points
Source: All data from Department for Education
All Saints Catholic College Specialist in Humanities 42 6 1012.3 NA
Almondbury High School and Language College 42 14 975.1 NA
Batley Business and Enterprise College 44 3 996 NA
Batley Girls' High School - Visual Arts College 53 11 1031.4 616.6
Batley Grammar School (IND) 89 57 NA 777.7
Birkdale High School 38 1 997.3 NA
The Branch Christian School (IND) SS SS NA NA
Brian Jackson College of Open Learning (IND) NA NA NA NA
Castle Hall School: A Specialist Language College 60 26 991.9 NA
Colne Valley Specialist Arts College 45 8 951.4 NA
The Community Science College at Thornhill 44 4 1031 NA
Earlsheaton Technology College 32 4 955.1 NA
Edgerton College (IND) 0 0 NA NA
Fartown High School 31 0 968.1 NA
Greenhead College NA NA NA 1084.9
Heckmondwike Grammar School (SEL) 100 65 1006.9 1107.8
Holmfirth High School 63 30 1001.2 NA
Honley High School 70 17 995.6 NA
Huddersfield Grammar School (IND) 97 34 NA NA
Huddersfield New College NA NA NA 690.9
Institute of Islamic Education (IND) 50 0 NA SS
Islamia Girls' High School (IND) SS SS NA NA
King James's School 67 18 1007.5 NA
Kirklees College NA NA NA 614.8
Madni Muslim Girls' High School (IND) 52 0 NA NA
The Mirfield Free Grammar and Sixth Form 62 7 1007 690.6
Moor End Technology College 42 5 1002.6 NA
Nether Hall Learning Campus High School 44 1 993.9 NA
New Directions College (IND) 0 0 NA NA
Newsome High School and Sports College 33 4 982.2 NA
Rathbone Choices (IND) NA NA NA NA
Royds Hall High School 50 4 989.9 NA
Salendine Nook High School 71 21 983 NA
Shelley College - A Specialist Centre for Science 64 25 1005 874.8
Spen Valley Sports College 35 1 1019.9 NA
St John Fisher Catholic High School 53 5 993 819.2
Westborough High School 41 2 991.8 NA
Whitcliffe Mount - Specialist Business and Enterprise College 53 6 988.8 702.7
Zakaria Muslim Girls' High School (IND) 60 31 NA NA
What do the table headers mean?
School name
Click on the name to visit the government's page of information and performance data for the school. For schools with both Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 pupils, KS5 can be reached from a link on the KS4 page. IND = independent, SEL = selective, AC = academy, SHUT = school closed since exams. More detail
% 5 A*-C GCSEs
This benchmark measure is the percentage of pupils in the school who achieve passes graded between A* and C in five GCSE or equivalent qualifications, including maths and English GCSE. SS = small school; N/A = data not available. More detail
English baccalaureate
Introduced in 2010, this is the percentage of pupils in the school achieving A*-C GCSE passes in English, maths, two science subjects, a language and history or geography. SS = small school; N/A = data not available. More detail
Contextual value-added
A statistical measure of pupils' progress between leaving primary school and finishing Key Stage 4 (age 16), in comparison to other children from similar backgrounds. Higher numbers indicate better progress. WARNING: This measure cannot be ranked accurately - sorting the table gives a general indication only. SS = small school; N/A = data not available. More detail
A/AS-level points
Points are allocated for A-levels, AS-levels and other Key Stage 5 qualifications, depending on the grade achieved. The score is the average number of points per pupil at the institution. More detail

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