Primary schools in Westminster

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% of pupils achieving Level 4 in maths and English Sats

YearNational averageLocal average

Average point score per pupil in maths and English Sats

YearNational averageLocal average

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School name % achieving L4 maths and Eng What does this mean? Average point score What does this mean? Contextual value added What does this mean?
George Eliot Junior School 88 29.2 103.5
Hampden Gurney CofE Primary School 100 31.6 102.7
St Mary's Bryanston Square CofE School 87 28.6 102.5
Gateway Primary School 88 29.4 102.4
St Vincent's RC Primary School 90 29.5 101.7
St Peter's Eaton Square CofE Primary School 91 31.3 101.5
St Saviour's CofE Primary School 90 29.9 101.5
St Joseph's RC Primary School 100 31.7 101.3
St James's and St Michael's CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School 71 28.1 101.1
Westminster Cathedral RC Primary School 80 28.1 101
St Stephen's CofE Primary School 67 26.2 101
Queen's Park Primary School 81 28.1 100.9
St Barnabas' CofE Primary School 65 27.5 100.7
Barrow Hill Junior School 84 29 100.7
St Edward's RC Primary School 79 28.1 100.6
All Souls CofE Primary School 77 27.4 100.5
St George's Hanover Square CofE Primary School 71 28.1 100.4
St Luke's CofE Primary School 68 26.5 100.3
Our Lady of Dolours RC Primary School 81 28.7 100.2
St Mary of the Angels RC Primary School 86 28.6 100.1
St Matthew's School, Westminster 75 26.9 100.1
Burdett-Coutts and Townshend Foundation CofE Primary School 68 27.5 100
St Vincent de Paul RC Primary School 89 29.1 100
St Gabriel's CofE Primary School 67 26.9 99.7
Christ Church Bentinck CofE Primary School 70 25.6 99.6
Millbank Primary School 86 28 99.5
Churchill Gardens Community Primary School 50 24.8 99.5
St Augustine's CofE Primary School 76 26 99.5
Paddington Green Primary School 49 24.6 99.3
St Mary Magdalene CofE Primary School 60 25.1 98.5
St Clement Danes CofE Primary School boycott boycott boycott
St Peter's CofE School boycott boycott boycott
Soho Parish CofE Primary School boycott boycott boycott
Essendine Primary School boycott boycott boycott
Hallfield Primary School boycott boycott boycott
Edward Wilson Primary School boycott boycott boycott
Wilberforce Primary School boycott boycott boycott
What do the table headers mean?
% expected level in English and maths
Percentage of Year 6 pupils attaining the expected level, Level 4, in English and maths
Average point score
The average points per pupil in English and maths Sats tests. We are using it as a secondary tie-break measure in these tables
Contextual value added
A statistical measure which takes into account how much pupils have progressed over time, in comparison to other pupils from similar backgrounds. WARNING: Rankings are a guide only

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