Primary schools in Southend-on-Sea

  • National average
  • Average for this local authority

% of pupils achieving Level 4 in maths and English Sats

YearNational averageLocal average

Average point score per pupil in maths and English Sats

YearNational averageLocal average

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School name % achieving L4 maths and Eng What does this mean? Average point score What does this mean? Contextual value added What does this mean?
West Leigh Junior School 92 30.8 101.3
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School 88 29.1 100.1
Bournes Green Junior School 83 29 98.9
Fairways Primary School 83 28.6 100.6
Thorpe Greenways Junior School 83 28.4 99.7
St Mary's, Prittlewell, CofE Primary School 80 28.3 100.5
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School and Nursery 75 28.2 99.8
St Helen's Catholic Primary School 79 27.8 100.8
St George's Catholic Primary School 73 27.7 99.7
Edwards Hall Primary School 72 27.4 100
Hinguar Community Primary School 67 27 100.3
Friars Primary School and Nursery 70 26.8 100
Milton Hall Primary School and Nursery 68 26.7 100.1
Heycroft Primary School 68 26.4 98
Eastwood Primary School 50 25.6 99.4
Bournemouth Park Primary School 45 24.3 99.3
Porters Grange Primary School and Nursery boycott boycott boycott
Prince Avenue Primary Foundation School and Nursery boycott boycott boycott
Blenheim Primary School and Children's Centre boycott boycott boycott
Earls Hall Junior School boycott boycott boycott
Richmond Avenue Primary School boycott boycott boycott
The St Christopher School boycott boycott boycott
Darlinghurst Primary and Nursery School boycott boycott boycott
Chalkwell Hall Junior School boycott boycott boycott
Temple Sutton Primary School boycott boycott boycott
The Westborough Primary School and Nursery boycott boycott boycott
Hamstel Junior School boycott boycott boycott
Leigh North Street Junior School boycott boycott boycott
Thorpedene Junior School boycott boycott boycott
What do the table headers mean?
% expected level in English and maths
Percentage of Year 6 pupils attaining the expected level, Level 4, in English and maths
Average point score
The average points per pupil in English and maths Sats tests. We are using it as a secondary tie-break measure in these tables
Contextual value added
A statistical measure which takes into account how much pupils have progressed over time, in comparison to other pupils from similar backgrounds. WARNING: Rankings are a guide only

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