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Rate your sporting self on a scale of 1-10

1. Height: Are you tall or short?

I'm very short I'm short Somewhere in the middle I'm tall I'm very tall

We ask because height is a real factor in predicting your ability in some, but not all, sports.

2. Pain tolerance: Do you scream when you stub a toe?

I scream a lot I yelp a bit Somewhere in the middle I can put up with a lot I laugh in the face of pain

In a number of sports, the ability to tolerate, function and cope with high levels of pain is important. Do you have a high tolerance of pain?

3. Power: Are you most like a rhino or a kitten?

As fluffy as a kitten A bit like a kitten Somewhere in the middle A bit like a rhino Try and stop me!

Power represents your maximum ability to do physical work at a high rate, from a standing start.

4. Aggressiveness: If you were a curry, how spicy would you be?

Very mild - a korma is pushing it for me Quite mild - tikka massala Somewhere in the middle - rogan josh Getting quite hot - a jalfrezi Scorching - a definite vindaloo

Aggressive athletes take charge, assert themselves strongly, and make their presence felt. Are you an aggressive competitor?

5. Body awareness: Two left feet or perfect poise?

I trip over my own feet I'm a bit clumsy Somewhere in the middle I'm pretty steady I'm the model of perfect poise

Athletes high in body awareness are able to recognise subtle changes in their bodies, and are aware of their body positions during movements.

6. Communication: Are you the silent type, or a chatterbox?

Quiet as a mouse Choose my words carefully Somewhere in the middle Bit of a chatterbox Never stop talking

Communication is the meaningful exchange of information between two or more athletes, and is a vital ingredient in a number of sports.

7. Co-ordination: Do you catch more balls than you drop?

Couldn't catch a cold Bit of a butter fingers Somewhere in the middle Not much gets past me Nothing gets past me

This is the ability to see an object or an opponent and effectively co-ordinate your body movements in response

8. Focus: Are you a scatterbrain or can you focus like laserbeam?

What was the question again? A bit ditzy Somewhere in the middle I like to finish the job at hand Focus is my middle name

Highly focused athletes can concentrate on one thought at a time, and can do exactly what they are thinking. Are you good at focusing?

9. Body fat: Are you a thin and crispy pizza or a stuffed crust with extra cheese?

Mere slip of a thing I'm quite slim Somewhere in the middle I could lose a pound or two I'm overweight

Your body mass is a significant factor in many sports, but not all. Knowing your body mass will help find your best sporting match.

10. Trust: Are you a lone wolf, or do you like to work with the pack?

Lone wolf I prefer working alone I'm happy working alone or in a team I prefer being with others I thrive in a pack

In sport, trust is having the belief and confidence that your teammates or coach will do what is expected.

11. Endurance: Are you most like a tortoise or a hare?

Exhausted already I get tired quite quickly Somewhere in the middle I can carry on for a while I keep going... and going

Endurance is the ability to physically keep going, hopefully without letting your standards drop, for a prolonged period of time

12. Agility: Do you move most like a cat or a sloth?

Most like a sloth Takes me a little while to get going Somewhere in the middle Quick off the mark Cat-like reflexes

How quickly can you react to what's going on around you and change the position and/or direction of your body?

13. How old are you?

The peak age range for most of the sports in the Commonwealth Games is 20-30 years old, but shooting and lawn bowls can see much older athletes compete at the top level.

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