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In 2014-15 you will be better off by about £0

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Estimate how much beer, wine, spirits and cigarettes you would consume in a normal week. You may choose to answer for yourself or your household.

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In 2014-15 you will be better off by about £0


2013/14 £ 2014/15 £ Difference £
Alcohol and cigarettes
Alcohol £0 £0 £0
Cigarettes £0 £0 -£0
Income tax £0 £0 -£0
National Insurance £0 £0 -£0
Child benefits £0 £0 -£0
Tax credits £0 £0 -£0
State pension £0 £0 -£0
Vehicle excise duty £0 £0 -£0
Fuel £0 £0 -£0
Total £0 £0 -£0

If you select 'Single' but fill in details for your partner, your outcome may be inaccurate.

Count any children for whom child benefit is paid, which includes children under 16 as well as older children who are still at school or receiving certain types of training.

Your rental income is the amount you have made from letting out residential property minus eligible expenses you have incurred.

From 7 January 2013, new rules apply if you earn £50,000 or more and receive Child Benefit. You will continue to receive the benefit but will have to pay an additional tax. The calculator shows this as a reduction in Child Benefit received to let you see the change more clearly.

Please enter positive numbers without punctuation.