The Doctor's perennial foes, the Daleks first appeared in 1963. The mutants' merciless commands to "exterminate" have terrified generations of children.

Cybermen were originally humans from Earth's twin planet Mondas but they gradually replaced their flesh with steel, losing emotion in the process.

Autons were the first enemies to appear in colour in 1970. The deadly dummies are brought to life by the Nestene Consciousness.

The Master is the Doctor's childhood classmate turned arch-enemy. He has been played by Roger Delgado, Anthony Ainley and John Simm and others.

A one-story opponent in 1979, Scaroth tries to manipulate time, funded by selling fakes of the Mona Lisa. His plan would mean Earth never existed.

Monsters of the modern series, Weeping Angels send victims into the past to feed on their time energy. They are only dangerous when unobserved but act in the blink of an eye.