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Comics are for men and boys? Think again.

28 July 2017
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Holly Ringsell is one of the UK's handful of women comic shop owners.

She fell in love with comics through drawing as a child.

Her first comic was X-Men before moving on to Batman. After reading Batman and The Killing Joke, she was hooked.

People say, gosh, a woman with a comic shop, and I am like, 'yes, a woman with a comic shop'."
Holly Ringsell

On a Wednesday the new comics and merchandise arrive. "Wednesday is awesome," she says. "There's a strong community feel."

The 1990s was a bad decade for female characters.

"A lot of them ended up chopped up into bits or put in fridges," says Holly.

There are some really great female characters now - personally, my favourites are Batgirl, Squirrel Girl and Jem and the Holograms. "
Holly Ringsell
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Holly Ringsell wants you to know that comics aren't just for boys.

A lot of women in comics are making contact with each other, creating our own communities and it makes you feel like you are part of a collective.”
Holly Ringsell
I think it is really important that women have strong role models whether on television, in films or in comics."
Holly Ringsell

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