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24 July 2014 Last updated at 02:03

Fur seals feel climate impactsAntarctic fur seal

Changes in the Antarctic climate are showing up in the fur seal population, say scientists who have studied the animals for 30 years on the British Overseas Territory of South Georgia.

Adventura at sea (Image courtesy of Cornell Sailing)Voyage to unlock Arctic secrets

A crew of sailors is embarking on a pioneering citizen science expedition through the Northwest Passage between Canada and Greenland.

energyEU sets 30% energy savings target

Members of the European Union will have to boost their energy efficiency by 30% by 2030 according to Commission.

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The ascent vehicle blasts off from MarsHow to put a human on Mars

UK team's concept for putting the first people on the Red Planet

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Jonathan Amos Article written by Jonathan Amos Jonathan Amos Science correspondent

Rosetta heads for space 'rubber duck'

Europe's mission to land on a comet was always going to be difficult, but the pictures released this week of the giant ice ball illustrate just how daunting the task will be.

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Matt McGrath Article written by Matt McGrath Matt McGrath Environment correspondent

Is Obama's climate 'regime change' unstoppable?

Matt McGrath examines the detail of President Obama's announcement on climate change.

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David Shukman Article written by David Shukman David Shukman Science editor

Deep sea mining licences issued

The UN's seabed authority issues exploration licences that accelerate a search for valuable minerals on the ocean floor.

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