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Conservative Seats 37 Seats +/- -3
Labour Seats 12 Seats +/- +4
Liberal Democrat Seats 1 Seats +/- -1

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London Borough Council
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50 seats up for election - Whole
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500-year-old story of the robot to be told at Science Museum

Image copyright PA
Image caption Kodomoroid - a Japanese android that reads robot-related news bulletins

An army of robots has invaded London's Science Museum on a mission to teachhumans their 500-year-old history. 

Opening tomorrow, a major new exhibition explores humanity's centuries old quest to re-imagine people as moving, talking and thinking machines. 

More than 100 robots are on display, ranging from a 16th century automaton monk to characters from science fiction films and research lab creations. 

Inventor Richard Greenhill's Shadow Biped, a 1980s attempt to build the world's first humanoid robot using wooden bones and air-powered muscles, is also featured.

Mr Greenhill, 73, from London, said: "I came up with the concept of the air muscle which powered the biped. 

"To make my invention work, I went to a local department store's bridal section, where they sold gloves for bridesmaids featuring some netting that was perfect to go around my fledgling muscles. I bought dozens of pairs."

He went on to construct the shadow hand in the 1990s - at the time the world's most humanlike hand - which is also on show. 



Retirement homes for super-rich planned

A luxury retirement apartment complex in Knightsbridge opposite Harrods department store is giving planning approval.



Supercar drivers issued with Asbos

Supercar Asbos, which could see the owners of high performance cars arrested, are being issued after complaints by residents in west London.



Crackdown on 'reckless' supercar drivers

Supercar drivers who endanger safety could be arrested and their cars could be seized, say police.



Gold supercars given parking tickets

A fleet of gold supercars is slapped with parking tickets in London's Knightsbridge.



Notting Hill Carnival could be ticketed

Views on whether people should be charged to attend the Notting Hill Carnival are to be sought, the MP for Kensington and Chelsea says.



'Supercar season' hits central London

It's known as the 'supercar season', when some of the world's richest descend on central London with their extraordinary cars in tow - but not everyone is happy. The Victoria Derbyshire programme went to see what is happening.



Candy-cane house owner loses battle

A property developer who painted red and white stripes on her townhouse loses her latest planning battle.



Candy-cane house owner in court

A pensioner who painted her Kensington townhouse with red and white candy-cane stripes begins court action against a council's planning policy.



Westminster house prices 'fall 22%'

House prices in the smartest parts of London have fallen by up to 22% since last Autumn, according to the property services group LSL.
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