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Party Seats Change +/-
Labour Seats 49 Seats +/- +14
Conservative Seats 11 Seats +/- -14

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London Borough Council
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60 seats up for election - Whole
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Latest updates Hounslow London Borough Council



Leader of Hounslow Council, Steve Curran and councillor Sue Sampson have signed up to the white ribbon campaign as part of UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Image copyright Hounslow Council

Cllr Sampson, whose sister was murdered by her estranged husband, said: "Violence against women is violence against humanity. Not only does it inflict physical wounds on those who suffer from it, it mentally scars women and their families."



Protest against 'monstrous' bins

House proud residents in west London are battling with their local council over wheelie bins.



Boris Island: 'Flight of fancy'


Councillor Amrit Mann, deputy leader for Hounslow Council, said: "Boris Island was a flight of fancy and now that it has been sunk, Heathrow won't have to close. But we want a better not bigger Heathrow, and a better deal for the people of Hounslow."

Medway Council leader Rodney Chambers said: "The cost to the taxpayer was never fully explained and it would have resulted in the mass destruction of habitat and wildlife that could never be replaced."



'Mould' found in fake cigarettes


Thousands of fake cigarettes containing "asbestos, mould, dust, dead flies, rat droppings and human excrement" have been seized from various shops in Hounslow as part of a crackdown.

Image copyright Hounslow Council

Two sniffer dogs, including Milo (pictured) helped haul in 2,700 cigarettes and 22 packs of 50g packs of roll up tobacco as part of the crackdown by Hounslow Borough Council.



Rubbish in Chiswick


A councillor in Hounslow has highlighted the "profusion of rubbish" on Chiswick High Street and adjoining streets and said he has received several complaints from residents and traders, Chiswickw4.com reports.

Hounslow Council has said it is "acutely aware" of the problem and along with Hounslow Highways will ensure a "zero tolerance" enforcement approach.



'Don't see red' campaign launched


Brentford Football Club is teaming up with Hounslow Council and the police to urge football fans in west London to enjoy the World Cup this year, but to behave responsibly and drink sensibly.

It was launched after figures showed that violent incidents increased in Hounslow during the last World Cup in 2010 by 31.5% and in London by 19.8%.



Labour Party makes gains in London

Labour makes a number of gains in London including taking the Tory-led councils of Hammersmith and Fulham, and Croydon



Latest local election results


The results of the elections held in 32 London boroughs are still coming in, so far:

  • Bexley - Conservative hold
  • Brent - Labour hold
  • Croydon - Labour wins from Conservatives
  • Enfield - Labour hold
  • Hammersmith and Fulham - Labour wins from Conservatives
  • Haringey - Labour hold
  • Harrow - Labour win
  • Hillingdon - Conservative hold
  • Hounslow - Labour hold
  • Islington - Labour hold
  • Kingston - Conservatives win from Liberal Democrats
  • Lambeth - Labour hold
  • Merton - Labour gains from no overall control
  • Redbridge - Labour gains from no overall control
  • Richmond - Conservative hold
  • Southwark - Labour holds
  • Sutton - Liberal Democrats hold
  • Waltham Forest - Labour hold
  • Wandsworth - Conservative hold
  • Westminster - Conservative hold



London elections 2014

London will go to the polls on 22 May to vote on who should lead the 32 councils in London's boroughs.



Bright street lights may be dimmed

Hounslow deputy council leader Colin Ellar says the council are working to dim LED lights residents in the west London borough say are too bright.
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