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Park clean-up runs in to thousands of pounds

Nicola Beckford
Reporter, BBC Midlands Today

The bill to clean up a park in Smethwick after a group of travellers were evicted earlier this week could run into thousands of pounds, the council says. 

Tonnes of rubbish, including more than 300 tyres, rubble and double glazed windows, were left behind in Black Patch Park. 

Sandwell Council has removed travellers from four pieces of council land in the last week. 

It estimates that around 50 tonnes of rubbish was fly-tipped. 



Waste blights Sandwell park

Sandwell Council has shared pictures of a rubbish-strewn Black Patch Park. 

The council says the waste has been left by travellers who were evicted yesterday. 

Image copyright Sandwell Council

Steve Eling, leader of Sandwell Council, said the rubbish weighed tonnes.

Image copyright Sandwell Council



Councillors' 'fraud' referred to police

Fraud allegations against the former deputy leader of Sandwell Council have been referred to police, the council says.

Sandwell Council investigation: Award of 10 council homes referred to police as 'fraud'

Alex Homer
BBC Local Live

Sandwell Council has investigated alleged impropriety in some cases dating back as far as 1997 - 20 years ago.

One of the allegations concerns the award of 10 council houses since 1997. 

The council said it believes that:

  • "patterns of behaviour that, at this point in time, look like a conspiracy to defraud and/or misconduct in a public office, [which] seem to all benefit members of [former deputy leader] Councillor [Mahboob] Hussain’s family"
  • Councillor Bawa and Councillor Hussain "benefitted from a unique Compulsory Purchase Order [CPO] pilot scheme"
  • An exclusive bid for self-build plots of land was introduced in 1999 "restricted to plots of land that Councillors Bawa and Hussain had already expressed an interest in back in 1998"

All of the above matters have been referred to police, the council report said.



Councillor cleared of 'house buy' claim

A senior councillor is cleared of any wrongdoing after an allegation he urged his authority to buy back his mother's previously council-owned home.



Trust to run council's child services

Children's services in Sandwell is to be taken over by a government-appointed trust.



Post halted because of 'roaming' dog

Post is suspended in part of West Bromwich for more than two weeks owing to fears about a "roaming" dog.



Child activity contract axed over checks

A contract to provide summer activities for children is cancelled as staff do not have the proper criminal records checks, a council says.



Probe into councillor's 'house buy' plan

An investigation is launched into an allegation a senior Sandwell councillor urged his authority to buy back his mother's previously council-owned home.



Councillor's 'misconduct' to be pursued

Misconduct allegations against former deputy council leader Mahboob Hussain will be pursued, says Sandwell Council.
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