CON Hold
Party Seats Change +/-
Conservative Seats 35 Seats +/- 0
Residents Association Seats 6 Seats +/- 0
United Kingdom Independence Party Seats 1 Seats +/- 0

Council background

District Council
Seats up
14 seats up for election - Third
Boundary change

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Giant puppets for Magna Carta event

Eight giant puppets take part in a parade in Surrey on the 799th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta.



Tories 'deliver through austerity'


Surrey Conservative councillor John Furey, speaking after his re-election in Runnymede borough, said that people want his party to remain in power.

"We actually regained an independent seat in Runnymede. Turnout was very high. I believe that the right results came in."

Mr Furey, who is also a county councillor, adds: "I think the Conservatives have held the line in terms of services over the austerity years we have gone through, and delivered."


'Low voter turnout'


BBC Surrey's political reporter Jack Fiehn says he has seen "a lack of interest" in local political campaigns, with between 37% and 40% of voters in the county turning out for the polls.

But he adds: "It will be a much more different story next year I think at the general election. I think people will be much more engaged."


Surrey Tory wins 'pleasing'


In the Surrey borough of Elmbridge, the count is due to start at 09:30. But Councillor Andrew Kelly, a member of the ruling Conservatives, is already enjoying his party's success elsewhere in the county.

He tweets: "Pleased to see good Conservative wins in Surrey districts of Tandridge and Runnymede. No Lab or UKIP wins. #Elections2014"


Runnymede results


From Runnymede Borough Council: 14 seats were contested and the borough has 2 new councillors while 12 were re-elected for another four-year term on the Council.

The political composition of the Council is now: Conservative: 35, Liberal Democrat: 0, Labour: 0, Green: 0, UKIP: 1, Runnymede Independent Residents' Group: 6, Independent: 0.

The wards with the highest turnout were Foxhills with 37.68%, Chertsey South and Rowtown with 37.21%, and Thorpe with 36.91%.


Runnymede Conservative hold


The Conservatives hold Runnymede where 14 seats were up for election.


The status quo

Andy McFarlane
BBC News

The results are coming in a bit quicker now. Having borrowed the catchphrase "It's never dull in Hull", there proved not to be a political earthquake. Labour, which began the night with a nine-seat majority, has held on to the chamber. Likewise, Runnymede and Tandridge in Surrey have stayed true-blue Conservative.



Will house prices affect voting?

Voters go to the polls in local council and European elections on Thursday at a time when house prices in Surrey are among the highest in the country.