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Party Seats Change +/-
Labour Seats 32 Seats +/- -2
Conservative Seats 16 Seats +/- 0
Liberal Democrat Seats 6 Seats +/- -4
United Kingdom Independence Party Seats 5 Seats +/- +5
Green Party Seats 1 Seats +/- +1

Council background

District Council
Seats up
21 seats up for election - Third
Boundary change

Latest updates Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council



Update: Bryan Adams on the way to Staffordshire farm concert

James Bovill
Staffordshire Political Reporter, BBC News

Rock star Bryan Adams will get to perform at this year's Betley Farm concerts. 

Newcastle Borough councillors met this morning to discuss the application to extend the farm's licence to a fourth day of concerts. 

Five households around Betley had objected to next week's show on the grounds of traffic and noise 



Nominations open for 'protected' buildings in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Chris King
Reporter, BBC Radio Stoke

People in Newcastle are being asked to nominate buildings they want protected but can't be listed. 

The borough council is updating its list of important buildings that are protected during planning, but don't meet listing criteria. 

There are now more than 100 entries on the register - the latest include the New Vic Theatre, a red telephone box in Oldcott Drive, Kidsgrove and a number of war memorials.

Suggestions will be inspected and assessed against criteria such as authenticity, architectural value, historic associations, visual importance and community value.

Nomination forms can be downloaded or completed here until 31 August. 



Watch: New scheme to make recycling 'easier' launched

Emma Thomas
Journalist, BBC Radio Stoke

A new recycling scheme is being rolled out in Newcastle-under-Lyme today which the council says will make the system easier for residents.  

Previously, homeowners had five containers for their recycling - they've now been replaced by three boxes and there'll be weekly recycling collections. 

Trevor Nicholls from the authority (featured in video) say the changes will make it easier for people to recycle and save £500,000 a year.  



Polls shut in council and PCC elections

Voting ends in elections in Staffordshire.

Polls open in council and PCC elections

Voting begins in elections being held Staffordshire.



Petition to save Newcastle Community Centre

Chris King
Reporter, BBC Radio Stoke

A petition calling for a Newcastle community centre to be saved has been presented to the borough council

The Holly Road Centre in Crackley is due to shut on Friday because officials say nobody can found to run it. Campaigners are calling on councillors to reconsider.



Further wet weather warnings issued

Heavy rain warnings are issued for much of northern England as wet weather causes chaos.



No overall party control at council

A council run by a minority Labour administration still has no overall control following the local election, a recount in the remaining ward reveals.



Labour loses majority on council

Labour loses control of a Staffordshire authority after two councillors stand down from the party.



Homes plan for fire site backed

Plans to build 100 homes on greenbelt land in north Staffordshire, near the site of an underground fire which has been burning for almost nine years, are backed by councillors.
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