West Oxfordshire

CON Hold
Party Seats Change +/-
Conservative Seats 41 Seats +/- 0
Labour Seats 5 Seats +/- +1
Liberal Democrat Seats 3 Seats +/- -1

Council background

District Council
Seats up
17 seats up for election - Third
Boundary change

Latest updates West Oxfordshire District Council



No Pride flag town 'must do right thing'

A town which refused to fly the rainbow flag in support of a Pride event is urged to "do the right thing" by reversing the decision.



Council's new leader appointed

A new leader is appointed to West Oxfordshire District Council to succeed Sir Barry Norton who stood down from the role for health reasons.



MP criticises council 'Coxit' idea

A district council which has proposed breaking away from a county council is criticised by an MP.



Election 2016: Turnout figures revealed

A mixed bag when it comes to turnout across Oxfordshire:

  • Cherwell District Council elections: 34.5%
  • Oxford City Council: Estimated citywide figure is 39.2%
  • West Oxfordshire: 37%
  • Thames Valley PCC: Early estimates suggest 25.6%

Election 2016: It's not over till it's over

Duncan Enright's been talking about the moment he thought it was all over... it is now. But in an unexpectedly good way for him.

Image copyright Labour Party
Image caption Duncan Enright, centre, 'jumped the gun in announcing defeat'
It was my fault really. I think I jumped the gun in announcing my defeat because there was a pile of votes which were all for me with the Conservative one on top.
Duncan Enright, Labour councillor for Witney East

'Missing votes' proves story of the night

It's well worth recapping the story of Labour candidate Duncan Enright in West Oxfordshire.

He thought he had been defeated by Conservative Suzanne Bartington in Witney East, tweeting: "thanks for the opportunity to serve".

Image copyright Duncan Enright
Image caption Duncan Enright (centre) was quick to celebrate his victory

But incredibly a bundle of 70 votes was discovered and he won enough of them to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

He told his followers: "Actually I won! Bundle of votes found under a Tory pile! Delighted!"


Celebrations in Witney after quick change of fortune

Labour's Duncan Enright celebrates a win in Witney East after previously conceding defeat until a bundle of mislaid votes were found.


Tories remain in majority control in West Oxfordshire

The Conservatives have held their majority of seats in West Oxfordshire, with the number of councillors for each party staying the same.

Here's how things look:

  • Conservatives: 41
  • Labour: 4
  • Liberal Democrats: 4

Local media descend on West Oxfordshire count

West Oxfordshire DC@WodcNews

Good to see @BBCOxford, @OxfordGuardian and @WitneyRadio at the Witney count

Image copyright http://twitter.com/WodcNews
Image copyright http://twitter.com/WodcNews
Image copyright http://twitter.com/WodcNews
10:52 PM – 5 May 16

Video: Timelapse of West Oxfordshire count

This is the scene in West Oxfordshire for the district council election.

Voters have also been to the polls for elections at Oxford City Council and Cherwell District Council as well as for the Thames Valley PCC.  

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