Three Rivers

LD Hold
Party Seats Change +/-
Liberal Democrat Seats 23 Seats +/- 0
Conservative Seats 13 Seats +/- +1
Labour Seats 3 Seats +/- -1

Council background

District Council
Seats up
39 seats up for election - Whole
Boundary change

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Road blocked by fly-tipped rubbish

Rubbish dumped on a country road included cement, gravel, paint and plasterboard.



Counting begins again for Hertfordshire

Andy Holmes
BBC Three Counties Radio political reporter

We're currently waiting for the results of 12 seats in the Hertfordshire County Council election.

The good news is counting has now started for the remaining districts of Watford and Three Rivers. 

We'll bring you the results as soon as we have them. 


Conservatives extend control of Hertfordshire County Council

Katy Lewis
BBC Local Live

The Conservatives have extended their control over Hertfordshire County Council, with 12 seats still to be counted.  

Image copyright Google

Sixty-six seats were decided overnight with the remainder of the 78 seats - from Watford and Three Rivers - being counted from 09:00 this morning.

The Conservatives have so far taken 48 seats - more than the 46 they won in 2013, when 77 seats were contested.  

The Liberal Democrats have so far taken 12 seats and Labour six. The turnout was 34.2%.  

Election 2017: Full results from across England



Former Three Rivers Council chairman dies aged 89

Craig Lewis
BBC News

A former chairman of Three Rivers District Council has died aged 89.

Derek Frankland was also head of St Peters Primary School in Mill End, Rickmansworth, and a governor at Chorleywood Primary School for 30 years.



Lib Dems lose to no overall control

The Liberal Democrats have lost control of Three Rivers District Council, which sees no party taking overall control.

A loss of four seats to the Conservatives leaves the Lib Dems with 19, Conservatives have 17 and no change in Labour's three.



Labour make gains in Milton Keynes

Labour look set to take control of Milton Keynes Council in a minority administration after making gains.
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