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Borehamwood businesses advised to take legal action against council

Simon Oxley
BBC Three Counties Radio

Businesses in Borehamwood are being told to take legal action against their local council in an ongoing row about rent increases. 

One printing business is closing today after the owner said Hertsmere Borough Council had increased his rent from £6,000 to £25,000 a year.

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David Bowman who runs Deadline Reprographics said he was left with "no choice" but to close the business after the 300% rent increase.

Richard Butler is the leader of the Labour group on the Conservative-run council.

He said: "It's important for the council to keep local businesses going. What concerns me is how quickly they're putting these rents up. 

"We've advised local businesses to get an independent surveyor and then take legal action."

We've contacted Hertsmere Borough Council for comment.



Conservative hold

The Conservatives keep control of Hertsmere Borough Council.



Labour make gains in Milton Keynes

Labour look set to take control of Milton Keynes Council in a minority administration after making gains.
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