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Party Seats Change +/-
Liberal Democrat Seats 25 Seats +/- -1
Conservative Seats 23 Seats +/- 0
Labour Seats 8 Seats +/- +1
Independent Seats 3 Seats +/- 0
Vacant Seats 1 Seats +/- 0

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District Council
Seats up
20 seats up for election - Third
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Latest updates Colchester Borough Council



Colchester defends fortnightly bin collection

Mariam Issimdar
BBC News

The leader of Colchester Borough Council is defending a decision to switch to fortnightly waste collections.

New wheelie bins are being delivered to around 12,000 homes from today to replace bags for general household waste.

Councillor Paul Smith says food waste will continue to be collected weekly, negating any health risk.

"What we'll see is an improvement in our recycling rates, less waste going to landfill and that's going to be good for the environment and good for the council's finances as well," he said.


Colchester rubbish collections now fortnightly

Nick Alliker
BBC Essex

A controversial new fortnightly waste collection system is getting under way in Colchester this month.

Some 12,000 households are being given wheelie bins for their non-recyclable rubbish instead of black plastic sacks.

The bins are costing the council more than £850,000.

Colchester is now the ninth council in Essex to launch the fortnightly system.

Councillor Jessica Scott-Boutell said: "By making full use of the weekly recycling and food waste collections, residents should have enough space in their wheelie bin or rubbish bags until their next collection.

"However, there will be a small number of households, due to their specific circumstances, who will produce more than the limit and they can now apply for an exemption."



Red Poll cattle coming to Colchester to control grass growth in country park

Nic Rigby
BBC News

A herd of Red Poll cattle has taken up residency in Colchester’s High Woods Country Park to help control the growth of grass to benefit flowers, and the insects, birds and mammals that depend on them.

Image copyright Essex County Council

As well as being one of Colchester’s beauty spots, the County Park has a combination of marshy areas, hayfields and scrubland, providing the perfect habitat for thousands of different birds, mammals and plant life.

Colchester Borough Council is working in partnership with Essex County Council, to deliver conservation grazing to benefit the local wildlife and landscape.

Image copyright Terry Joyce/ Geograph

Simon Walsh, Essex County Council’s cabinet member for the environment, said: "We are delighted to be adding High Woods to our growing list of conservation grazing sites.

"We hope visitors will enjoy the sight of the cattle."

For more information on conservation grazing or to enquire about volunteering visit Legacy Grazing's website.



Funding boost for talks about future of community centre

Patrick Byrne
BBC News

A community centre in Colchester has won funding to carry out a feasibility study on ways to improve its services to local people. 

The borough council, after winning money from the Home & Communities Agency , is to consult with residents on how The Centre at Greenstead might be improved.

Image copyright Google

Tim Young, portfolio holder for culture and regeneration, said: "We will be speaking to community groups and residents to get an idea of the types of facilities and services that they would like to see. 

"This will allow us to work up concepts and get an idea of the options that are available to us."



Polls close after day of voting

Voting closes in council and police and crime commissioner elections held in Essex.

Polls open in council and PCC elections

Voting begins in elections being held in Essex.



Non-attending councillor expelled

A Conservative councillor is expelled from Colchester Borough Council for failing to attend any of the local authority's meetings for six months.



Minority win for Tories in Colchester

Craig Lewis
BBC News

The Conservatives won four seats from the Liberal Democrats on Colchester Borough Council, but it is not enough for an overall majority.

The Tories now hold 27 of the 60 seats on the authorities, with the Lib Dems on 20, Labour on nine and four independents.

Prior to the election a coalition between the Liberal Democrats, Labour and independents ran the council, but it is unclear what will happen after this result.



Council bans 'lead to bizarre laws'

A law that allows councils in England and Wales to ban certain activities in public is leading to "bizarre new criminal offences", campaigners say.



Street lights back on for extra hour

Street lights will be turned on for an extra hour across Essex following a decision by the county council.
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