NOC No Change
Party Seats Change +/-
Labour Seats 31 Seats +/- +3
Liberal Democrat Seats 16 Seats +/- -7
Conservative Seats 15 Seats +/- +1
Green Party Seats 6 Seats +/- +2
United Kingdom Independence Party Seats 1 Seats +/- +1
Independent Seats 1 Seats +/- 0

Council background

Unitary Authority
Seats up
24 seats up for election - Third
Boundary change

Latest updates Bristol City Council



Council scraps £160k chief exec role

City mayor Marvin Rees is to reduce the council's management team by seven.

Bristol City Council to scrap chief executive role

The role of chief executive at Bristol City Council is to be scrapped.

It's part of a shake-up of the management structure at the authority, set to be announced later by Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees.

The last Chief Executive, Anna Klonowski, resigned from her £160,000-a-year post last month.



Mayor 'must act' on leadership crisis

Fourteen senior leadership posts at Bristol City Council are being filled on a interim basis.

Bristol councillors criticise senior management recruitment

Concerns have again been raised, following a critical report from councillors, regarding the senior management roles at Bristol City Council.

Details of the report include:

  • Concern about the number of senior managers leaving post
  • 14 senior role vacancies, many with temporary appointments at senior management level
  • Continued failure to produce a future plan for the council
  • Poor communication of detailed information for council departments
  • Delays in appointing a new head of paid service and replacement chief executive.

It is expected to be considered at the council cabinet meeting next week.

Conservative councillor Geoff Gollop told BBC Radio Bristol that councillors want to know what the plans are to resolve the council's recruitment issues.

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Media caption Listen: Councillor Geoff Gollop on BBC Radio Bristol



The firm that breaks the planning rules

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Media captionWatch more: Property developer 'breaks the rules' - part II

More on our Inside Out West programme tonight that asks whether council planning departments are doing enough to protect communities from over-development.

The BBC has been investigating a property developer that breaks the rules with many of the buildings it puts up.

See more on Inside Out West tonight at 7:30pm on BBC One in the West, or afterwards on the BBC iPlayer.


Flats evacuated after floor collapses

About 40 residents were evacuated from Allen House in Bristol overnight.



Council gives back £3m energy funding

Bristol City Council has to return the government funding after the home improvement scheme failed.



'Underground' system proposed for Bristol

The £2.5bn scheme could use a combination of above and underground routes according to the city's mayor.



Stroke survivor wins nursing home fight

Janet Gunningham pleaded with Bristol City Council not to move her to a nursing home.

'Miracle' stroke survivor to get new home

The family of "miracle" stroke survivor say the weight of the world has been lifted after their campaign to get the local council to rehome them succeeded.

Janet Gunningham, from Hartcliffe in Bristol, needed to adapt her home and made a video plea to the nation when the prospect of being moved into a nursing home loomed.

But Bristol City Council says a new home, adapted to her needs, has now become available nearby.

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Media captionFamily of Janet Gunningham celebrate news their mum has been found a home.
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