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Liberal Democrat Seats 7 Seats +/- -2
United Kingdom Independence Party Seats 2 Seats +/- +2
Independent Seats 1 Seats +/- 0

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Latest updates Derby City Council



Multi-million pound plans to expand Derby's train station

Khia Lewis-Todd
BBC Local Live

Plans for a £200m expansion to Derby railway station have been submitted to the city council.

Network Rail wants a new platform on the Pride Park side of the station, resulting in six 'through' platforms.

It's part of a revamp of the Midland Mainline which runs between Derby and London and Sheffield.

They hope expanding will help ease congestion as well as increase capacity.



Storm Doris shuts Derby Market Hall

Khia Lewis-Todd
BBC Local Live

Derby City Council will be closing Derby Market Hall due to fears of the high winds from Storm Doris damaging window panes.

Image copyright Google

The council has apologised to traders and shoppers for the closure.  



Teaching assistant 24 hour vigil continues

Khia Lewis-Todd
BBC Local Live

School support staff have been holding a 24 hour vigil outside the council house.

It began yesterday and will end around noon today and is part of a long-running dispute over changes to teaching assitants' contracts.

Derby City Council said it's been willing to try every avenue to resolve the dispute.  



Teaching assistants hold 24 hour vigil

Khia Lewis-Todd
BBC Local Live

School support staff in Derby will stage a 24 hour vigil outside the council house starting at noon today. 

It's the latest run of strikes against cuts to their pay, which the union said has seen some staff lose 25% of their income. 

Derby City Council said it's been willing to try every avenue to resolve the dispute.  



Councils feeling fearful over future finances

East Midlands Today

A new survey has found most councils in the East Midlands are worried about the future of their finances.

The figures came from an anonymous survey by the Local Government Information Unit, which provides a snapshot of how councils are coping.

Image copyright PA

Of the authorities that responded, 94% said they'll be forced to increase council tax for residents to help deal with pressures such as social care and housing.  



TA strikes: 'There simply is no more money'

Khia Lewis-Todd
BBC Local Live

Following the protest yesterday in the council house over the TA dispute, Councillor Lisa Eldrett has said the city council cannot find any more funds.

"Potentially if we just gave in, it would open us up to a multitude of other claims across the authority for other workers to come forward with similar claims.

"That would put the authority at significant financial risk and could bankrupt the authority and we're not in a position to do that.

"There simply is no more money and we are not in a position to do anything else," she said.



Market hall fall death workman named

Police name a man who fell to his death while carrying out work at a market hall.



Councillor jailed for lie about address

A former councillor is jailed for two months after admitting giving a false address in order to win a safe Conservative seat.



Ex-MP defends rent free council office

A former MP defends council decision not to charge him rent on an office worth up to £9,000 a year.



Council sues over collapsing cottage

A council begins legal action against the owner of a collapsing listed cottage after spending more than £60,000 on repairs.
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