LAB Hold
Party Seats Change +/-
Labour Seats 43 Seats +/- +2
Liberal Democrat Seats 11 Seats +/- -1
Conservative Seats 3 Seats +/- -1

Council background

Unitary Authority
Seats up
19 seats up for election - Third
Boundary change

Latest updates Warrington Borough Council



Tree stump artwork axed in error

A council in Cheshire apologises for chopping down a piece of abstract public art known as the "Tree of Lost Soles".



Netto not 'upmarket' enough for town

More than 300 people sign a petition opposing plans for a Netto to open in their leafy Cheshire town as they do not deem the discount store is posh enough.



HS2 liaison group to form


Warrington needs to act now to maximise the local benefits of the proposed HS2 rail line, the council says.

Still from HS2 animation

The council wants representatives from community groups, parish councils, businesses, the voluntary sector, academia and environmental groups to be members of an HS2 liaison group.

Council leader Terry O'Neil said: "This group will play a very important part in making sure that our community understands the impact of HS2."



Watching me, watching you

Alex Dibble
BBC Radio Merseyside

While waiting for the Warrington election results, stats man Nick sees a photo of himself on BBC Local Live.

Man at a computer

This is the start of one of those infinite chains.


Nick the stats man

Alex Dibble
BBC Radio Merseyside

Nick, the Warrington stats man, analyses the data, and compares turnout, swing, party control etc over the years. He's in for a busy few hours...

nick stats man

Listen to BBC Radio Merseyside for more updates.


Warrington count underway

Alex Dibble
BBC Radio Merseyside

Counting's underway in Birchwood for 19 Warrington Borough Council seats.

The Electoral Reform Society thinks Warrington could become a 'One Party State' today, with Labour controlling more than 75% of the council.

It's claimed that could lead to bad government and poor service for the community, because there wouldn't be an effective opposition party. Will it happen? We'll find out in the next few hours.


Calm before the storm

Alex Dibble
BBC Radio Merseyside

The calm before the counting storm. Birchwood Leisure Centre is the venue for the election results in Warrington.

birchwood count

On my way to count

Alex Dibble
BBC Radio Merseyside

I'm on my way to Warrington for the local election results.

In 2012, the turnout was only 25%. Will interest have picked up in 2014? And which party are the people of Warrington now interested in?

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