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Could 'unity reshuffle' follow EU referendum?

As the prime minister enters this last week of negotiation before the crunch EU summit in Brussels next week, ministers' minds are turning to what happens in the aftermath, not just of the summit, but the referendum itself.

11 February 2016
Laura Kuenssberg Political editor

Week ahead

What's on next week? There are debates on the EU, examination by peers of the Trade Union Bill, discussion of the funding of councils and police authorities; and an eclectic cocktail of railways, floods, rogue landlords and circus animals...

5 February 2016
Mark D'Arcy Parliamentary correspondent

EU referendum: Cameron's options for enhancing sovereignty

David Cameron wants to assert the authority of the UK parliament before the country votes on EU membership - here is how he might do it.

10 February 2016
James Landale Deputy political editor

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