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Jersey drummer to perform in Olympic opening ceremony

16 February 12 14:51
Tom Ashcroft Nowicki

A Jersey drummer has been selected from thousands to perform at the London Olympics opening ceremony.

Tom Ashcroft Nowicki responded to an advert for performers posted on the notice board at the college where he is studying for a music degree.

He performs in Jersey band Salem's Lot and has been studying at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London.

Mr Ashcroft Nowicki said he was "dumbfounded" when he found out.

The opening ceremony will be on 27 July and will be led by director Danny Boyle.

Europe's largest bell will ring to start the £27m ceremony inspired by Shakespeare and featuring NHS nurses and 900 local pupils.

'Historic event'

Boyle said the Isles of Wonder ceremony was inspired by The Tempest.

There are certain things that have to appear in an Olympic opening ceremony including the receiving of the head of state, a parade of athletes and the lighting of the cauldron.

The rest of the ceremony is a closely guarded secret and Mr Ashcroft Nowicki said hearing the news was "just 'wow', it is something you just can't expect or prepare for".

"Although it isn't paid it is a part of history, it is a historic event, my tutor said it would be great for my CV," he said.

It is thought about one billion people could tune in to the opening ceremony in London. About 15% of the world's population watched the Beijing games in 2008.

Mr Ashcroft Nowicki, who wants to work as a professional drummer when he leaves college, said he had been sworn to secrecy over the content of the event.

He said: "We start preparing at the end of May and it will be all through June and up until the ceremony in July but they said in the email not to give any details away.

"They haven't told us much, even in the email they said to keep the rehearsal schedule dates under wraps, it is top secret, they haven't told us what we would actually be doing."

He said his mum was "very excited" but would have to watch the event from home in Jersey and "see if she can see me in the distance".

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