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Call for more sunbed regulation in Jersey

11 April 11 10:49

A skin specialist working at the Jersey General Hospital wants the use of sunbeds to be more strictly controlled in the island.

Dr Mark Muhleman, consultant dermatologist, said that skin cancer rates in Jersey were high, with nearly 50% of his work skin cancer-related.

A new law in England and Wales has been brought in that bans under 18s from using sunbeds.

Dr Muhleman said he would welcome a similar rule in the island.

He said: "Being in Jersey, part of it is the beach culture, the outdoor culture and why not use it.

"You can use it sensibly, you don't have to be out there with all your clothes off, you can certainly have shorts and T-shirts on using factor 30 sun block and still get a tan, but you are getting a tan sensibly."

Dr Muhleman said the figures for skin cancer rates in Jersey were bad, particularly for non-melanoma incidents.

He said: "Non-melanoma skin cancer is what I see most of and this is very poorly recorded."

He said that he can see 500 or 600 cases a year come through his clinic.

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