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Guernsey survey reveals gaps in recycling

04 December 10 13:08
Guernsey recycling bank

A survey has shown some major gaps in Guernsey residents' knowledge about recycling.

It showed many islanders were unaware that batteries and polystyrene packaging could be recycled.

Only 59% of households that recycled waste knew that batteries could be recycled and 52% knew polystyrene packaging could be recycled.

The survey of 500 households was commissioned by the Public Services Department.

In the third quarter of 2010, more than 50% of household waste was recycled, a record for the island.

Scott Ogier, Deputy Public Services Minister, said: "We want to continue that progress, but obviously each successive increase becomes harder to achieve.

"By better understanding people's behaviour, what items they are regularly recycling, what items they are not, and what is preventing them from recycling more, we can better target initiatives and keep the increases coming."

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