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Developer chosen for Mill Street scheme in Aberystwyth

29 September 11 14:44

Multi-million pound plans to develop part of Aberystwyth town centre are a step closer after Ceredigion Council appointed a developer.

A supermarket, including a multi-storey car park, is planned in Mill Street.

But the identity of the retailer, understood to be Tesco, and the developer will not be officially confirmed until 10 October.

Six councillors had signed a motion calling for more scrutiny of a cabinet decision to approve the developer.

The local authority's economic development and scrutiny committee voted to endorse the cabinet's decision.

A number of developers submitted bids for the Mill Street scheme, which includes a minimum of 500 car parking spaces.

A council spokeswoman said: "Bidders have been notified of the council's intention to award the contract for the development of Mill Street car park to bidder A.

"The council must allow a minimum 10-day standstill period between the date of this notification and the award of the contract."

Councillor Alun Williams, who was one of six councillors who challenged the cabinet's decision, said open public discussion of the scheme had been "beset by commercial confidentiality and procurement regulation restrictions".

He said more details would be made public soon.

But Aberystwyth Chamber of Commerce backed the development.

In a letter to the council, it said: "The Aberystwyth Chamber of Commerce would like to express their support for the decision made to appoint a Tesco-led development on Mill Street.

"This support is conditional upon there being sufficient municipal car parking provision that is available for all users of the town centre and not exclusive to the users of the Mill Street development."

The chamber said it hoped the development would act as a catalyst to attract other retailers, which would increase footfall in the town.

Last year Tesco said it was interested in "serving customers" in Aberystwyth, but that was subject to the right investment and location.

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