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Legal ruling restricts Upper Tay rafters

20 January 12 16:17
Salmon fisherman

Anglers and landowners have succeeded in a legal bid to restrict rafting on a stretch of the River Tay.

The group argued that commercial rafting was ruining once lucrative fishing grounds on the Upper Tay.

Rafting will now be banned every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the salmon season after a ruling at Perth Sheriff Court.

The measure had previously been recommended by Perth and Kinross Local Access Forum.

Commercial rafting companies on the Upper Tay - some of whom already restrict rafting days - will still be allowed to use the river every day outside the salmon season.

The action was brought by landowners and Aberfeldy Angling Club. They said they went to court only with "extreme reluctance", but claimed the commercial rafting activities were causing "excessive disturbance and noise".

The writ to restrict rafting was under the Land Reform Act (2003) and was served on Perth and Kinross Council.

Senior Solicitor Lynn Richmond, from Turcan Connell, who represented the anglers, said the ruling struck a balance between the rights of anglers and rafters.

"This action is the first of its kind and may well have wider consequences for other Scottish rivers where angling and white water rafting compete for access to the same stretches of river," she added.

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