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Greenpeace swimmers end drill ship blockade

29 September 10 07:53
environmentalist in north sea

Greenpeace has ended its three day blockade of a drilling ship 100 miles off Shetland, after oil company Chevron won a second court order.

Protesters had brought drill ship Stena Carron to a standstill north of Shetland, by swimming in front of it.

Earlier they spent five days in a pod which they had attached to the ship's anchor chain, before Chevron took legal action to remove it.

Greenpeace said its ship the Esperanza was continuing to watch developments.

Activists had been swimming in front of the Stena Carron since Sunday, preventing it reaching the Lagavulin oil prospect where Chevron wants to drill an exploratory deep-water well.

Greenpeace is opposed to new deep-water drilling, pointing to the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

The court order bans activists from interfering with the vessel's progress.

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