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Vote 2011: How events will unfold as voters go to polls

04 May 11 15:35
Polling booth

Elections will be held on 5 May for the Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly of Wales, the Northern Ireland Assembly and in 279 English local authorities.

Voters will also asked whether they want to change the Westminster voting system in a UK-wide referendum.

In addition, there will be a UK parliamentary by-election in Leicester South as well mayoral elections in Leicester, Torbay, Bedford, Middlesbrough and Mansfield.

Here is a list of expected timings for the results to be announced.

THURSDAY 5 MAY (all timings BST)

FRIDAY 6 MAY - MORNING (all timings approximate: BST)

FRIDAY 6 MAY - AFTERNOON (all timings approximate: BST)

SATURDAY 7 MAY (all timings approximate: BST)

MONDAY 9 MAY (all timings BST)

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