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Jimmy Savile buried in Scarborough cemetery

10 November 11 17:10
Jimmy Savile burial

Sir Jimmy Savile has been buried at a cemetery in his favourite seaside resort of Scarborough - ending a three-day celebration of his life.

The former DJ and presenter's gold-coloured coffin embarked on its final journey with a tour along the seafront on Thursday morning.

The cortege went to Woodlands Cemetery where he was buried at an angle of 45 degrees facing the sea.

Sir Jimmy died at his home in Leeds on 29 October, aged 84.

Funeral director Robert Morphet confirmed Sir Jimmy's wish of an angled, feet-down, resting place had been agreed to by the cemetery officials.

His coffin was set at an angle "to enable him to see the sea", Mr Morphet said.

On Tuesday, thousands of people went to the Queens Hotel in central Leeds where Sir Jimmy's coffin was on public display.

Hundreds of fans also gathered to pay their respects at his funeral in Leeds Cathedral on Wednesday.

'Goodbye Jimmy'

In Scarborough people lined the foreshore as the hearse carrying the coffin passed by.

Silence descended on the crowd as the cars made their way down to the seafront, where the funeral director got out of the hearse and slowly walked the cortege past wellwishers.

But people broke into applause as the cars passed along the road of amusement arcades and seaside shops.

A sign reading "Goodbye Jimmy" had been hung on the Futurist Theatre's show listings board.

The DJ's niece, Mandy McKenna, gave a reading by the grave before Father Martin Kelly, a Catholic priest from the Diocese of Leeds, paid tribute.

The priest said Sir Jimmy, who raised millions for charity and ran more than 200 marathons in support of good causes, was "a man who had a place deep in people's hearts".

He said: "These past days have spoken of the great affection with which Jimmy Savile was held by so many."

Trademark tracksuit

After the coffin was lowered into the grave in its elevated position, friends and family members threw white roses - the symbol of Yorkshire - on to the casket.

Members of the public were then invited to the graveside to pay their respects, including Dave Bishop, 67, from Nottingham, who attended the burial dressed as Elvis.

Mr Bishop, who also goes by the name Lord Biro of the Bus Pass Elvis Party, said: "Jimmy Savile was a big Elvis fan so it seemed like the right thing to do to come and pay my respects."

Sir Jimmy was buried in one of his trademark tracksuits and a Help For Heroes wristband, to mark his support for the armed services.

He was also buried with a treasured green beret, presented to him by the Royal Marines in the 1970s.

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