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Suffolk Roman gold and silver coins declared treasure

14 February 12 15:49
Roman coins found near Mildenhall

The discovery of Roman gold and silver coins on farmland in Suffolk suggests "relatively high status people" lived in the area, an archaeologist has said.

Fifteen silver coins and one gold coin were found by a father and son on farmland, near Mildenhall, on 12 October last year.

A treasure trove inquest in Bury St Edmunds heard they dated to between 355 and around 402.

Coroner Dr Peter Dean recorded the discovery as treasure.

The coins will now be valued by experts.

Speaking after the hearing, Andrew Brown, Suffolk County Council's finds recording officer, said 78 coins had now been unearthed on the site.

Location undisclosed

Previous discoveries were made in 2001, 2002, 2007 and 2010, although this is the first time a gold coin has been found in the area.

"It does suggest that there were relatively high status people living there during Roman times," said Dr Brown.

"They were probably deposited in the ground at around the date of the latest coins, or possibly a little later, right at the end of the Roman period in Britain."

He said the coins would be viewed by a valuation committee at the British Museum.

A decision will then be made on where they are to be stored, with a possibility they could be displayed at a local museum.

The exact location of the find is not being disclosed.

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