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Greater Manchester commuters hit by tram fare increase

04 January 11 09:28

Tram fares in Greater Manchester have gone up by an average of more than 6%.

The rise means an adult peak return fare on the Metrolink network has increased by 20p.

The Greater Manchester Integrated Transport Authority (GMITA) said fares had been unchanged for two years and trams and track had been improved.

Commuters are also being hit with an increase in national rail fares, which average 6.2% and in some cases are much higher.

The Metrolink rise means an annual season ticket for an adult, from Altrincham to Manchester, has gone up from £875 to £930.

Graham Stringer, Labour MP for Blackley and Broughton, and Tony Lloyd, Labour MP for Manchester Central, have previously said the rise was "unjustified" and called for a public consultation on the issue.

However, Councillor Ian Macdonald, GMITA chairman, said the change in fares represented value for money and a consultation was not appropriate.

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