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Queen's Diamond Jubilee tour starting in Leicester

09 February 12 11:41
The Queen

The Queen is to begin her Diamond Jubilee tour of the UK by visiting Leicester.

She and the Duke of Edinburgh will visit the city on 8 March as the start of a tour of England, Wales and Scotland.

The monarch will return to the East Midlands for an appearance in Nottingham on 13 June.

Leicester Mayor Peter Soulsby said it was wonderful news for his city to be at the top of the programme.

However, Sir Peter said he was not able to reveal any more details about the visit.

"It's just an amazing honour for our city to be right at the beginning of that tour and have the opportunity to pay tribute to her majesty's 60 year's service of our nation.

"We've known for about two or three weeks now and it's one of the most difficult secrets I've had to keep.

"There's been a lot of planning already we've had people from the palace looking at how the day is going to be shaped," he said.

The tour will finish on 25 July in the south east of England.

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