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Leeds homes evacuated after car explosion

18 July 11 10:10
Maple Grove car blast

Residents from 11 homes have spent the night in emergency accommodation after a car exploded in West Yorkshire.

Emergency services were called to Maple Grove, in the New Farnley area of Leeds, at 1415 BST on Sunday.

Pieces of the car, thought to be a BMW, landed on the roofs of nearby properties. Firefighters found what may be oxyacetylene canisters in the vehicle.

West Yorkshire Police said no-one was injured in the incident.

A 200m cordon was established in the area, as firefighters worked to cool the remnants of the fire.

Residents reported their properties shook with the force of the blast.

Ben Thornton, who had to leave his home, said: "There was a big explosion, and we all panicked and ran to see it.

"There was a car on fire and so we all went back to our houses. Then we got a knock on the door from the police, and were evacuated."

Police and fire officers are working together to establish the cause of the blast.

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