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CCTV cameras installed at Chatham bus station in Medway

02 February 12 11:34
Chatham bus station

Permanent CCTV cameras are being installed to stop motorists from treating a Medway bus station as if it was an "open road".

The cameras, which record vehicle registration numbers, are being installed at the station in Chatham.

Medway Council said it was forced to act because drivers were flouting the law and putting pedestrians at risk.

Buses, taxis and bicycles are permitted to go through the bus station, but other motorists are not.

Robin Cooper, the council's director of regeneration, said: "I would imagine there is no bus station in the country where people are allowed to drive through as if it is an open road."

The new bus station replaced a 1970s concrete structure at the Pentagon shopping centre.

The Sir John Hawkins flyover was demolished in 2008 to make way for it.

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