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Hull's Lord Mayor goes green with electric powered car

23 June 11 12:49
Car being recharged

Hull City Council is using a rechargeable electric powered car for civic leaders.

The £29,000 Nissan Leaf saloon has been provided free by its manufacturer.

It will be used by the Lord Mayor and his deputy and other officials to attend civic events.

The car can be recharged from a specialist charging point or a standard electric socket and will replace one of the council's two petrol-powered limousines.

The makers claims the car costs less than 1.5p per mile to run.

Councillor Martin Mancey, cabinet member for transport and environmental issues, said: "This is just one example of how we are seeking to reduce our carbon emissions.

"Obviously, because of the nature of the vehicle it's a prestigious flagship, if you like, which can be seen in the city and outside the city."

The government is supporting the adoption of plug-in electric cars by offering a grant of up to £5,000 as part of a £43m scheme.

Ministers have also announced a £20m plan to subsidise the installation of more than 4,000 charging points around the country.

Hull currently has 60 charging points, mostly located in multi-storey car parks across the city.

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