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Devon and Cornwall Police 'crying' brain alcohol warning

06 December 11 16:58
Police campaign featuring "crying" brain

A "crying" brain is being used by Devon and Cornwall Police to warn young people about the dangers of drinking to excess over the festive season.

The "Don't leave your brain at home" campaign includes two videos which will be screened in pubs and clubs in the lead up to Christmas and New Year.

It was first launched in Plymouth to coincide with the new university term in September.

Police hope people will show support the campaign via Twitter and Facebook.

'Serious repercussions'

One video shows a drunken young man, without a brain, being arrested after being thrown out a pub and smashing a car window.

The other video shows the man's brain "crying" at home because its owner now has a police record and a Drink Banning Order.

Devon and Cornwall Police said the Plymouth campaign will be rolled out across the South West in the lead up to Christmas and New Year.

The force said it hoped young people would find the videos amusing, but informative.

Licensing sergeant Richard Crosby said: "Over the next few weeks many people will be out partying and drinking in the lead up to Christmas.

"The campaign aims to reach people before they go out and to educate them about what can happen when drinking too much.

"We are not dictating that people shouldn't drink but their actions could have serious repercussions in their lives and in other peoples' if their actions become out of control.

"What seems like fun at the time could get out of hand and leave people with a criminal record."

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