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Coeliac patients offered gluten-free food in Cumbria

02 April 11 16:09
Loaf of bread

Digestive disorder sufferers in an area of Cumbria can now pick up gluten-free food without a prescription.

Coeliac disease sufferers are unable to tolerate gluten, which is found in wheat, barley and rye - this means bread or pasta can make them ill.

Previously they needed a prescription from their GP to get gluten-free food from their pharmacist.

But now sufferers in Eden can join a scheme which will cut out the need for a prescription.

Patients will be contacted by their doctors and asked to nominate a local pharmacy to supply their specialist food.

Eden GP, Dr Cameron Munro, said: "This is a great scheme to improve the care of patients with this lifelong condition.

"It will cut out unnecessary steps in obtaining appropriate gluten free products on prescription and hopefully it will reduce waste as patients will only obtain what they need."

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