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Newquay aquarium welcomes namesake fish

20 February 12 11:01
Blue reef fish

Blue reef fish have swapped the warmth of the Caribbean for a breeding programme at a Cornish aquarium.

It is the first time the Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay has been able to display its namesake fish species.

Curator Matt Slater said "very little is known about the breeding habits of Blue Reef chromis".

The fish gets its name from its bright colouring and the fact that it spends most of its time living on or close to coral reefs.

Capable of reaching lengths of up to 15cms (six inches) when fully grown, the fish are normally seen in large shoals chasing their main source of food, zooplankton.

Mr Slater said: "At the moment we have nine individuals which are now making themselves at home in one of our coral reef displays alongside a group of clownfish."

The aquarium is hoping to study the fish's behaviour as they make their first steps towards a breeding programme.

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