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Birmingham Central Foodbank running 'critically low'

10 December 11 16:39
Patricia Hoskins at the collection point

A charity that provides food parcels to those in need has said it is running "critically low" on stock.

The number of people referred to Birmingham Central Foodbank has doubled in the past month, the charity said.

The parcels each include enough food for a breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days and have been described as a "lifeline" by the local Red Cross.

The food bank has been collecting donations in Birmingham city centre on Saturday.

'Go hungry'

Spokeswoman Patricia Hoskins said there had been such an increase in demand for emergency parcels, they were running "critically low at the moment."

The food bank is run by the Trussel Trust.

More than 600 people or charities have received parcel in the eight weeks since another food bank opened in Ladywood.

Mick Quigley, from the Red Cross, said: "These food banks are a lifeline for a lot of families because they are on low or no income at all.

"They rely heavily on the food bank maybe once a week or once a fortnight.

"If they weren't here a lot of our families would go hungry."

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