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Killer doctor Daniel Ubani loses German court appeal

26 July 11 18:13
Dr Daniel Ubani

A German doctor who left a UK patient dead has lost his appeal against being described as a killer and left with a 29,000 Euros (£25,500) in court costs.

Dr Daniel Ubani was working for an out-of-hours medical service in 2008, when he gave David Gray a fatal injection.

Ubani took legal action in Germany to stop Mr Gray's sons describing him as "charlatan", which was thrown out.

"We are most relieved by... Munich High Court's [decision]," said Rory, one of the sons of Mr Gray, of Cambridgeshire.

Ubani also failed to stop Rory, who lives in Germany, and Stuart, who lives in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, from talking to the media.

'Deadly dangerous'

In addition to the 29,000 Euros, Ubani must also pay the brothers' legal expenses and costs.

"It is not only a victory for free speech but it is imperative for public safety that this criminal is not allowed to suppress important factual information in the UK as the German authorities have chosen to allow him to do in Germany," Rory continued.

"For a German court to have censored the British press as they have done to the German press would have been disastrous. Ubani has committed the manslaughter of a patient and seriously mistreated several others in Britain.

"He also has a string of previous malpractice findings against him in Germany. He is deadly dangerous and incompetent.

"I am also extremely relieved that the Munich High Court recognised the lies and false evidence that Ubani submitted to them for what it was."

Ubani was unavailable for comment.

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