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Lawrence trial: Spectator referred for 'contempt'

17 November 11 18:23
Spectator website

The judge in the Stephen Lawrence trial has referred the Spectator magazine to the Attorney General over possible contempt of court.

Mr Justice Treacy said he had asked Dominic Grieve QC to consider an article by journalist Rod Liddle, expressing views about the trial.

The judge has ordered the jury not to read the article.

A barrister and the Spectator's deputy editor later appeared in court to apologise on behalf of the magazine.

Anyone reproducing any part of the article could also find themselves in contempt, the judge warned.

Earlier, the judge asked jurors if they had read the piece, or whether they subscribed to the magazine.

After they indicated that they had not, he told them: "I direct you not to read it."

Gavin Millar QC later appeared in court with the magazine's deputy editor Mary Wakefield to apologise.

Mr Millar said immediate action was taken to remove the article from the Spectator website and other electronic media once the judge's concerns were known.

The judge praised the magazine for showing a "responsible attitude" and accepted its apology, but said the Attorney General would decide what would happen next.

The trial continues.

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