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Cricket 'betting scam': Your reaction

30 August 10 16:10
Pakistan's Mohammad Asif looks away as England players celebrate

The three Pakistan cricketers accused of corruption have been charged with various offences by the International Cricket Council.

Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir are set to be questioned again by police over allegations that deliberate no-balls were bowled at specific times during the fourth test against England.

The trio have been provisionally suspended and have 14 days to appeal.

BBC News website readers gave us their reaction.

Gibran Pirzada, Karachi, Pakistan

It is terrible that three very talented players had to stoop to such a low level to make money.

People in Pakistan are already deeply frustrated with the current chaotic situation in the country and now they have to face another crisis in our already shattered cricket team.

It is unfortunate, as we had a promising team, but the guilty parties deserve to face a lifetime ban from cricket.

People are heartbroken. The allegations seem true but I hope they are not.

Rizwan Bhatti, Lahore, Pakistan

My brothers and sisters all agree we should prove the allegations first, it is the right thing, and then we can see.

England has always been humiliated by Pakistani players, since Pakistan defeated England in the 1992 World Cup final.

The media and the English board are just causing drama and humiliating Pakistan across the globe.

Najam, Karachi, Pakistan

Upfront, it seems to be a conspiracy to defame Pakistan and its players. The conspirator delayed the disclosure to make their story more real as they were sure that Pakistan will lose this match by a big margin.

This is not the first time that British press has done this. The history is full of such false allegations and I am quite positive that this story will also prove wrong and baseless.

We are sad; everybody is sad. As a nation we feel downgraded. In Pakistan everybody loves cricket but now we have lost interest.

As a community we have to take steps. We should promote honesty in our country.

Alam Zeb, Bradford, UK

If the allegations are true then I feel the players who have been involved should get life time bans from playing the sport at professional level at any capacity.

People who do this are a disgrace to themselves, their team, their country and their supporters who follow the team from country to country to support them.

These people who get themselves involved in this kind of corruption have no place in the sport and definately no place in the team.

Here we are today with half the country under water, 20 million homeless, the worst disaster to hit Pakistan ever and the cricket team is spending good money here to supposedly play cricket or fill their pockets with cash.

Jaseem Khan, London, UK

As a British-born Pakistan cricket fan, I feel like I have been betrayed by the Pakistani team.

Since this news broke out, I cannot get it out of my system and I am hoping against hope that all this is untrue. But sadly it is there for all to see.

I follow international cricket, which is a difficult sport to monitor as it relies on players' honesty and integrity.

I feel such a betrayal, such a let-down, it is very disappointing and a bad example for our children.

My family comes from Karachi in Pakistan where every kid in every street or village plays cricket.

The Pakistan team should have come as good ambassadors to encourage the public to donate more for the floods. Instead they have tarnished the image of the Pakistani people even further.

Your emails

It was a mockery of the entire nation. All the involved players should be awarded exemplary punishment. And those who were earlier accused should not be allowed to run the cricket affairs.

Muqaddam Khan, Pakistan

Well, it is quite unexpected at times like this, when our country is in all sorts of trouble; flood devastation; corruption; failed government; lack of trust from the world. The team was already struggling against England when these allegations popped up. The media here is spicing up the issue which will ultimately result in little or no interest in the Pakistani Cricket team.

Junaid, Karachi, Pakistan

A man is innocent until proven guilty. Allegations have been levelled in the past against players but rarely been proven.

M A Azeem, Karachi, Pakistan

This is shame for us that our team members are involved in this betting scam if these allegations are true and I think they are then all these players should be life banned.

Khurram Hussain, Karachi, Pakistan

In my point of view, these players should continue their tour until the allegations are proved true. I don't agree with the statement given by our Prime Minister Yousaf Raza. I think Majeed is doing all this on behalf of someone else to humiliate Pakistan and to become famous.

Zeshan Nazar, Pakistan

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