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What has Stephen Hester achieved?

27 January 12 13:15
A 'fat cat' protester

Royal Bank of Scotland boss Stephen Hester has been strongly criticised for his bonus of close to £1m.

The UK taxpayer owns 82% of RBS after the government bailed out the bank at the end of 2008 - when it reported the largest annual loss in UK corporate history of £24.1bn.

For RBS, which can trace its history back almost 300 years, that was its first full-year loss.

It subsequently made a loss of £3.6bn loss in 2009, and £1.13bn in 2010.

Mr Hester - who took over running the bank from Sir Fred Goodwin in November 2008 - has said he is in the midst of implementing a five-year plan to restore the state-owned bank to normality.

He takes his £1.2m base salary, and was awarded £6.5m worth of shares as a bonus last year.

What have been some of his achievements?

On the more positive side, there are several to note.

But critics of Mr Hester also have some points.

Evaluating the performance of a chief executive is never easy.

But when the bank he is running was one of the world's biggest and had imploded, it becomes even harder.

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