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Cutting services at Alderney Airport 'not the answer'

03 June 10 11:21
Plane at Alderney Airport

Cutting services at Alderney Airport is not the best way of making it profitable, an Alderney States member has said.

Last year Alderney Airport, which is run by Guernsey's Public Services Department, made a loss of £750,000.

Richard Willmott, chairman of the Policy and Finance Committee, described it as an essential lifeline.

He said: "Reduced hours would be a disaster, it is absolutely crucial we have this airport."

Mr Willmott said: "We have to look at creative ways of making sure it stays open and we work with the public services department to reduce the cost and also to increase traffic.

"The measures being talked about are more likely to reduce traffic and it's an increasing downward spiral, which would be a disaster."

Public Services Minister Bernard Flouquet said he was keen to find a way of balancing the books and believes the level of regulations the airport has to comply with and the security could be looked at.

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