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Frazier Glenn Miller: The white supremacist next door

2 July 2014 Last updated at 00:06 BST

Frazier Glenn Miller has been charged with murder following the deaths of three people in Johnson County, Kansas, in April.

Miller, 73, is accused of killing two people at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City, which is about 180 miles away from Miller's house.

Shortly afterwards Miller drove to an assisted-living centre, Village Shalom, about a mile up the road, where a 53-year-old occupational therapist was shot. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for November.

Miller has been an outspoken white supremacist for decades and in 2012 he accepted an invitation to speak to a class studying extremist groups at Missouri State University.

The BBC spoke with the David Embree, the teacher who organised that class, as well as Brad DeLay, the Lawrence County Sheriff who knew Miller well but says the police did not have reason to arrest him prior to the deaths despite his extremist views.

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